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Name Change Tanked X App Downloads
Name Change Tanked X App Downloads
Twitter has seen a dramatic decrease in its Top Downloaded chart position across both platforms since the app was renamed to X. Why? The situation presents a fascinating case study at the intersection of brand equity and mobile platform dynamics.The case is somewhat unprecedented: Twitter built a ubiquitous, household-name brand over the course…
Twitter Threatens to Sue Meta Over Threads
Twitter Threatens to Sue Meta Over Threads
Meta Executives Threaten to Piss Their Pants LaughingOn Wednesday, Instagram parent company Meta introduced Threads, a text-based companion to Instagram that resembles Twitter and other text-based social platforms. Just hours later, a lawyer for Twitter, Alex Spiro, sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accusing the company of engaging in “systematic, willful, and…
Tetris Movie Cover Image
Came across Tetris the Movie while scouring the internet for new movies to watch. If you like biographical-drama films like me, you'll really love Tetris. The film is extremely engaging and really tells the untold behind-the-scenes story of how a humble game like Tetris turned into something so recognizable.I couldn't put it in better…
McDonald's logo beside the de-arched Russian chain logo
McDonald’s De-Arched.
Following Russia's attack on Ukraine, McDonald's sold its Russian business to a regional franchisee. On the condition that they could not use the brand's iconic branding, but allowed them to keep the same menu. McD called this "the process of de-Arching".TASS, a Russian-run news agency shared a report 2 days ago about Russia's very…
I won't comment on the $41 million round they just raised.However, I do love a founder who can tell a good story about what his company does.  Being able to distill the mission of the company down to a short, memorable anecdote that anyone can understand and demonstrates value without being overly hyperbolic is a dark, entrepreneurial…
Free Stuff Blog Post Cover
Fragility of Free
Ben Brooks wrote the smartest thing I’ve read all day. A great companion piece to the aforelinked Jason Fried article on how to make money.Also, Kyle Baxter wrote some good comments on Ben’s article:[Twitter] assumed if they reached a critical mass of users, turning it into a profitable business would be easy—and they’ve discovered that isn’t really true. It…
Smiling Waitress Taking a Credit Card
Don’t Be Afraid To Charge
Recently stumbled upon this article titled Making Money by Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37signals. Within this article, I found a goldmine of quotes from him that made me think hard.People's reasons for buying things often don't match up with the company's reason for selling them.This quote totally hits the mark. I'm a freelance web…
Scrabble Letters With Text Roi Arranged Beside A Calculator
Understanding ROI
Return on InvestmentContrary to popular beliefs, Social Media is not a FREE service for business. It takes People, Technology, and Time. All of which are limited resources.The EquationThe investment would be expected to be returned in many times more than the invested amount.ROI = (Gain from investment - Cost of investment)…
Founderitis Blogpost Cover
Recently, I've been thinking about Aprilism. It is also during this time that I thought about the future of the company. And then I look back at the years I've been working and keeping Aprilism together.Then it struck me. The role of a founder is pretty unique. A great startup founder is a heady…
The North Face Kaban Backpack

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