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Hello! Here we are.

I am a thirty-two year old serial entrepreneur on a mission to make life easier for everybody using technology. I started out as a designer before pivoting into a developer and finally back to a designer. So now I can do both

As technology matures, things got complicated. But with the infusion of good design, I believe we can reverse that complexity, turning anything into a simple product that improves productivity and yet, is a joy to use.

Feel free to shoot me any questions you want.

What I do

and what I'm passionate about

Multi-disciplined, aspiring polymath who loves creating.

As a designer, logo and web design are my favorite kind of jobs as I get the freedom to conceptualize. In my spare time, I design jewelries and apparels too.

The developer in me helps feed my passion in inventing and creating products that helps with productivity or solving issues that no one bothered to solve. I also have background in security and have participated in multiple CTF (Capture The Flag) tournaments & events.

My job as a marketer allows me to come up with interesting ideas and campaigns that keeps my creative juice flowing. I operate a couple of online stores that sells the jewelries and apparels I designed.

When I’m not in front of my computer, I am a musician who assume the role of a vocalist and electric guitarist in multiple bands — mainly rock and melodic metal. Who am I kidding, I’m still stuck behind a computer when I’m doing audio engineering.

Who I am

and which companies I made an impact in

Creative Director, ASH+ZELKOVA

Founder, Artemis Royale

Creative Director, Sports BOJIO

Business Strategist, 6HourJobs

Director of Audiography, Kenka Records

Chief Technology Officer, NUKE FITNESS

Creative Director, Caffein8 Creative LABS

Web Developer, Aprilism Creative

The North Face Kaban Backpack

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