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Atlas VPN Linux Zero-Day Vulnerability Leaked
Atlas VPN Linux Zero-Day Vulnerability Leaked
A Reddit user named 'Educational-Map-8145' published a PoC exploit on Reddit that abuses the Atlas VPN Linux API to reveal a user's real IP addresses.This PoC creates a hidden form that is automatically submitted by JavaScript to connect to the API endpoint URL.When this API endpoint is accessed, it automatically terminates any active Atlas VPN sessions that…
Why I Won't Use a YubiKey
Why I Won’t Use a YubiKey
Came across this article recently.I Won't Buy a YubiKey — Garrit FrankeIn this interesting post, Garrit talks about why he wouldn't buy a YubiKey and I resonate with his thoughts.Just like Garrit, I own an iPhone. With the recent technologies from Apple, it's pretty much impossible to gain access into an Apple…
Non-Alphanumeric PHP Shell Blogpost Cover
Non-Alphanumeric PHP Shell
UPDATE NOV 13: As seen on Sucuri , this exact snippet of mine was spotted in the wild in 2013. When this article was first published in 2011, my blog was at (Wayback machine ) and I wasn't getting a lot of views back then. In an effort to make sure my codes are…
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