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Non-Alphanumeric PHP Shell Blogpost Cover
Non-Alphanumeric PHP Shell
UPDATE NOV 13: As seen on Sucuri , this exact snippet of mine was spotted in the wild in 2013. When this article was first published in 2011, my blog was at (Wayback machine ) and I wasn't getting a lot of views back then. In an effort to make sure my codes are…
Teh Playground PHP Testbed
Teh Playground!
Teh Playgound is a PHP testbed, where you can do rapid PHP prototyping without the need to build your own LAMP stack or bother with saving files and the like. It allows you to slap together a quick block of code and render it straight in your browser, and even proceed to send that data…
Display PHP Logo on any URL Blogpost Cover
Display PHP Logo on any URL
PHP is full of cruft.For example, PHP has a "feature" wherein if you add '?=PHPE9568F34-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42' to the end of a script, it produces the PHP logo. can get this ID with php php_logo_guid.There is also php zend_logo_guid and an undocumented php_egg_logo_guid() function: can also get the PHP developer credits with php phpcredits or ask any PHP script using another code…
2 Obscure PHP Functions Blogpost Cover
2 Obscure PHP Functions
Do note that these 2 functions below are built-in PHP functions supported in 5.3=<GOTOThere are lots of jokes about the GOTO function in other languages, but in PHP, it can be a really useful exception catching mechanism.<?php restart: if (error_condition1) { …
Email Validations, the Right Way Blogpost Cover
Email Validations, the Right Way
Recently, I've been to quite a few website that require my email, either for launch notifications or for registration. Now, most of you might know that GMail allows you to add the + sign in your emails and it will still reach your email for sorting purposes.E.g. I may use salmon+posterous[at] for emails from…
Simple PHP Method Chaining Blogpost Cover
Simple PHP Mehod Chaining
Method chaining is an advanced OOP concept in PHP. If you have experience in working with frameworks like CodeIgniter or CakePHP, you should have noticed a very convenient style of accessing different classes and methods and it looks something like this:$obj->foo->bar->anotherMethod();This technique in programming is known as method chaining. We'll understand more about this…
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