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McDonald's logo beside the de-arched Russian chain logo
McDonald’s De-Arched.
Following Russia's attack on Ukraine, McDonald's sold its Russian business to a regional franchisee. On the condition that they could not use the brand's iconic branding, but allowed them to keep the same menu. McD called this "the process of de-Arching".TASS, a Russian-run news agency shared a report 2 days ago about Russia's very…
Couple with Smartphones in Their Bed
Designed to be Addictive
People loved watching reality TV shows about people singing and dancing their way to fame.Then we got Glee.People loved books and movies about vampires, werewolves, and a chick.Then we got True Blood. TV isn’t always creative, but at the same time, it can still be very successful. I don’t watch any of…
Realistic UI Blogpost Cover
Realistic UI
The underlying secret to beautiful user interface design is realism: making 2D objects on your screen appear to sit in 3D space. Designing beautiful user interfaces has more to do with the why than the how.This is a wonderful article from Mike Rundle, looking into the thinking behind how realistic user interfaces are crafted. The advice…
The North Face Kaban Backpack

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