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Amelia & Damien Live

One of the most successful Facebook live auction companies.

Project Details

Amelia & Damien Live


Branding, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design

Amelia & Damien Facebook Live & Wholesale Supply are a sibling-ran Facebook live auction company that started from scratch, with zero user base.


After growing for sometime, AD Live first reached out to me for help with branding. After developing a robust corporate identity, we moved on to the marketing and user-acquisition stage.

I’m in charge of their social media presence as well as marketing and packaging efforts.

A remarkable balance between clarity and focus. We wanted to show off the Secretlab chairs. Flaunt it, because it’s not just a chair, it’s a work of art. Countless hours of industrial design and thought put into the chair is obscene. It is different from other chairs, so we decided to focus the design around the chairs.

The North Face Kaban Backpack

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